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Tenkay Logo Rework

Logo Version 2—Stylised Roman Numeral 10,000

This is a cleaned up version of the X with line alternative that we showed in the meeting. 10,000 roman numeral. 

Line weights reflect the font, it's simple, it's stylized.

Logo Version 2—Full

Tenkay Logo X V1

Logo Version 2—Mark

Tenkay hoodie logo v1

Logo Version 2

This is a is a play on the original selection. The center point resembles steps AKA 'level up' and the design is attractive.

Logo Version 2—Full

Tenkay Logo X V2

Logo Version 2—Mark

Tenkay Hoodie V2

Logo Version 4

This is the final design variation and as for meaning, you can't go wrong. 

It is the roman numeral 10 in the X, plus K embedded in the line/weight variation 10K.

We have an hourglass, steps for level up and a visual version of the name of your brand.

Logo Version 4—Full

Tenkay Logo Play Outline

Logo Version 4—Mark

Tenkay hoodie v3

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